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    Default Multiple Laser Hits?

    Hello friends,
    I'm a newbie & this is my first post. I have only been hit many times by Laser, detected by X50, but luckily was always with in PSL, so no tickets. Never by K, Ka bands. They aren't used here.
    Is there any way to know what type of laser guns they use & how I can get by them even if I was hypothetically above the PSL....or be invisble to them, evade or jam them, or make their guns get a false reading?
    My country is different unlike yours........
    Waiting to hear your views.
    Sorry about my poor command of english language & radars etc.

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    Buy a good jammer.

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    Could some one suggest the best jammers?

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    LPP or AL or Blinder, with the X50 you may wanna try the Zr3 so you can integrate the 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear-Tweezy
    LPP or AL or Blinder, with the X50 you may wanna try the Zr3 so you can integrate the 2
    AL or LPP or wait for the new jammer comming up. Also you might want to try some VEIL, and if you have to use a front license plate you could get a Laser Shield

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    Do AL, LPP or front license plate shield makes one invisible to Laser gun or gives it a false reading?
    I would want total protection against Laser, since X, K Ka bands we dont use.
    X 50 laser is just a toy from what I read in your forums.
    Money is not an issue for my new Mercedez, I want total Laser protection/ jammer.
    Veil would probably discolor it?

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    there are pics of veil, use the search. if you had a good jammer, laser shield, the laser gun gives no speed reading until you turn off the jammer.

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    I would recomend getting a laser jammer for your car. It would help us if we knew were you lived and what type of car you drive. If you give us this information we will be able to tell you what the best jammer for you is. With a good jammer installed the police will only see a blank screen on their laser guns.



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