I was heading to work on a cold cold wed morning, my car was freezing and my sun glasses had just fogged up.

I had just turned right and was hit with laser instantly, I was unfamiliar with the speed limit and went into "deer in the headlights mode".

i finally threw the sun glasses off only to smacked with the sun in my face, and no speed limit sign in sight I cruised down to 25MPH and finally flipped it off when I was almost 200FT away. I started to coast towards the red light, only to forget I had it in neutral so I ended up rev'ng at the LEO when I went to accelerate. :shock:

had it been anything but unlimited I could of been screwed. because of the sun / sunglasses it was really hard to see my speed. and being on a mile stretch of road in Dover it goes from 45 to 30 it was a ball park guess where this prick was setting. everyone knows covering 1000FT can not happen any quicker than when you are being hit with laser.

at the end of the day my LPP saved my butt big time!