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    Default Nov 4, 2006 - Vancouver Jammer Test Result (Part 1)

    I would like to thank those who participated in this jammer test event. It was a fun weekend!

    audi_quattro - 3-head Laser Mimic
    Dave - Laser Pro Park single-head v7.0
    go.mouse - Laser Pro Park dual-head v8.3, single-head v7.0
    JTW - 4-head Laser Mimic
    LittleOverPSL - 2-head Laser Mimic from Roy

    I would also like to thank the following for providing (loan/rental) the lidar guns for testing:

    cyberblob - LTI 20-20
    JTW - Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser III
    Suf Daddy - Stalker LZ1

    Here is the first part of the test result and video clips on the runs with LTI 20-20 and Stalker LZ1. JTW will put up Laser Atlanta runs when they're ready.

    Test Result and Videos - Part 1

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    Here are some pictures taken during the test.

    Our test site at night

    JTW working on the Mimic placement on John's Audi

    John taking his Euro plate off

    JTW shooting Laser Atlanta from inside my car


    Mouse's Pro Park jamming the Stalker

    Dave's Pro Park jamming the Stalker

    JTW's Mimic jamming the Stalker

    PSL's Mimic jamming the Stalker

    Mouse's Pro Park JFG

    Lidadek (left) compared to Laser Pro Park (right)

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    It sure was fun. The morning rain drove us indoors, we went to Mouse's place to install Roy's Mimic on my Honda. Fortunately the rain let up just enough for these tests.

    There are additional runs with the Stalker LZ1 that we didn't catch on tape, I have the numbers noted down when they were radio'd to me. Here they are:
    Headlight: 84', 129'
    License plate: 143'

    I should also mention that we had a Blinder M-20, dual head Lidatek (tested on Mouse's Camry), and 3-head Laser Mimic from JTW. For more direct comparision I would have liked to install these on the Honda for a more direct comparison (w/ only 2 heads active from JTW's Mimic). However, the inclement weather reduced our testing window considerably, so we couldn't. Maybe some other time.

    Also, the Honda has Veil on headlights and a LaserShield on the license plate.

    The PT numbers on the SUV really surprised me. Can't wait to see the results on the Laser Atlanta.

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    Awesome real world tests! Great job. That 15 year old LTI can still do some damage.

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    yeah, i know..i was on the recieving end of the LTi and it was not good.

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    So the LPP in these tests is the only jammer that really works?

    Can someone tell me how many feet is 1 meter?

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    The LPP is excellent. Lidatek LE30 dual is decent. The Laser Mimics are great against Laser Atlanta, somewhat inconsistent with Stalker, and poor with the LTI. JTW tried fixing the placement of his Mimic heads on his car, and the performance was improved.

    1 meter = 3.280 839 895 feet

    Quote Originally Posted by Harold
    So the LPP in these tests is the only jammer that really works?

    Can someone tell me how many feet is 1 meter?

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    Suf Daddy

    Default Wicked c00l

    3 feet 3 inches is .......... very close to meter too.

    3 feet 3 inches = 0.9906 meters from google search: 3 feet 3 inches.

    3 feet = yard. close enough.

    Frustrating that the width of the Stalker HUD makes one think that the info overlay would be across the field of vision.
    Its so condensed in the HUD that viewing off axis obscures a bit of the info, generally speed on the bottom as the distances on top usually get the eye for alignment.

    As a side bar:
    The Stalker kicks back E-04 on headlights quite often. Somewhat easily.

    Doing runs with both headlights on and off without my knowing the jammer location confuses the results a bit to what actually is triggering the E-04 code. Some may think jammer TX head, but headlight could be the real source.

    Otherwise, I really like the vids. Good job.

    LTI 20/20 & Marksmans have lightening fast response. So much so that I'm convinced, the lack of feedback to the operator is a sure sign that dit dit DING! means panning or sweep goes un-noticed.

    What seems to happen over a tracking history (with the Stalker for example) is that a few seconds into the readings the unit seems to average the readings so wild pans and movement off target don't really appear to affect the speed displayed. This seems to be the algorithm working inside the gun.
    The problem I have with the LTI and other guns (Stalker included) used instant on: BANG, 1/3 of a second readings, (which is HOW the LTI works and locks readings, no continuous monitoring.......) are that no tracking history is available to avg against. So its this trigger, trigger, trigger, which IMHO defeats the safe guards in place "for" the motorists against pan, sweep and other influences.

    -Suf Daddy

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    Great work guys... well done...

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    Default Re: Nov 4, 2006 - Vancouver Jammer Test Result (Part 1)

    Quote Originally Posted by go.mouse
    JTW - 4-head Laser Mimic
    This isn't correct. Only 2 of my heads were plugged in after the LED fire test. I had to turn off an entire set of heads because of how close I put them together. What would happen was they'd set off from the laser gun, but even after the laser stopped shooting the mimic's would continue to fire because they'd set each other off. It's a good thing we did this test because my car had problems with every gun. The Ultratlye would reset itself after an E03 and then it would get an immediate punch through because the heads were still firing and now out of sync on the new reset. After figuring out what the problem was I turned off one who set, only allowing one head on each side of the car to fire, and that dramatically cut my punch through numbers.




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