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    Default Headlights...On or Off?

    Has anyone tested laser shots at headlights and noticed differences when the light is off Vs. on? I turn my headlights off to "blend in" to traffic better but if I get shot with laser, I realize the headlights become a big reflector. If they are on, then they are emitting all sorts of light including IR. I know headlights won't jam, but can they negate shots at the headlight? I tried Veiling my lights but didn't like the look and didn't like the lower light output.

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    Headlights being on or off does not alter performance of the newest generation lidar units.

    I always drive with my DTR lights on, or my fogs on. I get alot less people pulling out in front of me then. It is a bit safer traffic-wise (IMHO)

    But at the same time, with the lights on you tend to blend in with other traffic about as much as a turd in a punch-bowl.

    So being easier to spot works both ways, safer for other traffic, but an easier target for leo's.

    Figure which is more important to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Switchback
    But at the same time, with the lights on you tend to blend in with other traffic about as much as a turd in a punch-bowl.
    Unless you're in Canaduh

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    I say keep your headlights on only if they're the normal lights. If you have HID or those light blue lights should be turned off during the day because an officer is going to see you standing out of the crowd and shoot you. It's also easier to spot you when you get closer to him, whereas he may forget which car is which if he shoots you really far away and you have normal lights.


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    I tend to keep my headlights off except for when it's dim/dark and when weather calls for them. Drawing that extra couple of amps makes a slight difference in gas mileage when you're driving a little riceburner It can be the difference between idling at .2GPH and .3GPH. Don't get me started about the air conditioner.

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    my lights are always on auto, so unless they need to be on, 99% of the time theyre off

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    my are always ON.. must be.. it is the law ...

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    I thought I saw a thread on jammers that give jam-codes on laser guns. In that thread, an officer posted that he would get jam codes off of cars with DRL's. They would not jam his gun but it did seem to annoy him.

    If I were a LEO, I would just shoot low on the fron bumper of cars to avoid jam codes and false readings from nearby cars. I wouldn't go for the headlights unless I was trying to defeat a jammer and very few people have those. :wink: Besides who wants to look into headlights all day when most modern guns have no problem reading the speed of flat-black vehicles? -w/o a jammer



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