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    Default need help on how to install a blinder on an 05 altima... front


    except my car is metallic grey not red and i have a plate in the front

    do i need a front plate in texas??

    would the front be protected adequetely? and i do have fog lights

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    Buy a roll of ducktape and tape the heads to you grill. sorry J/K. If you know how to hook up stereo stuff, I believe this should be easy. If not take to a place that you trust and make sure the heads are level and straight. Btw where are you located? Maybe there is a person on this board that has a LIDAR gun and can test it for you.

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    i live in houston texas, are front plates required in texas??

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    thats a good question, there are some guys here that live in texas and I believe they have laser gun's also..i think Outrun lives in TX.

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    Front PLates are required in TX and your best mounting spot for and M20 is each head under the bumper poking out half way in between plate and fog lights

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