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    Default A little confused about LPP

    I've been to the LPP site and saw they have: 'Laser Pro Park'..'Laser Pro Light'..'Laser Pro Secure'..and 'Laser Pro Defender'. When I click on each link, it says coming in Feb. '06; okay, bare with me now... I read what the Laser Pro Defender does, and it seems like it's supposed to jam lidar. But it says unvailable (Coming soon). So, is the Laser Pro Park "system designed to assist the driver when parking a vehicle"; is that what ya'll use to jam lidar? I am just wondering, because this past Tuesday, I got show with lidar twice. Pretty scared now as I have a silver metallic car. So is laser pro park what i should be getting? or is there a way to get laser pro defender? thanks guys!!

    ps...does n e 1 know when Al 8.0 will be available again?(hopefully before xmas, as i am getting a jammer for xmas)

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    The Laser Pro Park is what you want. If you search the forum, you'll find a lot of info.



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