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Thread: LE30 falsing

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    Default LE30 falsing

    so im driving along the highway and out of no where my LE30 blasts an alert. i see no traps and never have on this stretch of road. im pretty sure it was a false and this isnt the first time it's happened. im pretty sure i noticed an infiniti fx 45 and i know they have the laser cruise control, so could that be whats setting it off?

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    My LE30s use to go off with no laser near at all(multiple times in a row) I talked to the lidatek guys and they said that is the units way of telling you there is a problem and to send it for repairs

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    Did you hit a bump just before it falsed? When I first installed mine I was getting a bunch of falses just after hitting large bumps in the road. Found out that the ground wire was not properly attached. Check your wiring.



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