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    Default Will a dealership install jammer heads?

    I am thinking about asking my dealership to instll my jammer heads. (dual LPP) i would like to know that the work is being done by someone who knows my car and will fix it if they mess up. I was thinking of just getting an audio place to do it but i just learned i have to cut my grill. So i have a few questions.
    1. d=Do you think the dealership will do it? (laser jamers are legal in my state (NY))
    2. If i had someone else do it would it void my warrenty?
    3. I know that my dealership doing it would cost more; how much more do you think it would cost?

    Also the car i drive is more of a familiy car so i can mess around with it but my Mom would be mad if something got screwed up. In other words i would feel most comfortable if the person who did the instalation was a pro.

    Anyway i leave for Peru tomorrow so i don't know i'll be one for a week or so.
    Merry Chirstmas to all.

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    I think with a proper install of the LPP (I dont know much about the LPP but it seems like a 3rd party device for the vehicle) where it doesnt require readings or piggybacks except for a power source thats fused.. It didnt void the warranty on my car, for the ZR3+8500 hardwire. As long as you dont drill into the dash and ruin wires for your car or use an improper power source and short out factory components.... You might as well try like Tweeter or Circuit City, Ive had lots of components added to my car by the dealer.... the dealer would probably just treat this install as a non-factory add-on and not warranty the device and would advise if it would interfere with your car's warrantable parts.



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