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    Default Too bad Beltronics doesn't still make the LaserPro 905..

    I think that it would be a perfect combination to my RX65..I try to keep everything simple ya know.To see"LaserBlocking " on my screen would be great.Now they want you to buy the RX75 for like 1200.00 :shock: .Ridiculous.. Guess i'll treat myself to a blinder since i can't get a direct connect system. I mean how could Beltronics figure that a full install system with the antenna mounted down at license plate level can detect much.In no way shape or form does it have a clear view of the road like a windshield unit.What are educated consumers to do.. I would love to see a real world test on the new RX75 compared to a windshiled unit to see how much the performance difference is.

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    I still have one in stock, even though it is not listed on the website
    Still is factory sealed, with full warranty

    First person that can paypal me at $275.00 plus $10.00 ground shipping will own it
    Motorcycle Mounts and Accessories
    Also Join me at -
    Twitter: RadarRoy
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