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    Default laser jammer effectiveness and time of day

    I watched the videos on youtube and it appeared the there were more JTGs in the late afternoon compaired to morning. It is easy to spot by watching the the showds in the videos. The am tests were alomost shadowless, and gomouses LPP got pt at 500ft. The tests in the afternoon, with long shadows he got more JTGs, with one exception for the overhead shot and a 400ft pt.
    Has anyone compiled any data on time of day, and jamming effectiveness?

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    Hey Bill R, I think you're referring to my test videos back in September when Dave and I tested the LPP against CrazyVolvoRob's Laser Atlanta. If you watch the two video clips where I got the 400-500 ft punchthrough again, you'd probably notice that in both runs there were interfering traffic that blocked the sight of the jammer. It also means that the gun was using some data off targetting other vehicle to calculate my speed.

    Here's the thread that Bill R was referring to --

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    Suf Daddy


    Here's my non-scientific take on this.

    I suspect it could work both ways.

    The sun (vs shadow or poor illumination) could make the target easier to see.
    Completely dark, to barely visible (lighted a bit) to washed out with very bright light intensity: Dark, visible, too bright.

    **** Just keep in mind that the surface reflectiveness also has a lot to do with this...... ****

    On the other hand the sun could wash out the reflection of the LIDAR light back to the gun, making the Rx lens' job hard trying to see its own reflection due to the brightness (sun light) at the surface.

    Its all going to come down to the RX lens being able to see its pulses reflection / refraction. The sun puts out light visible and non - visible.

    The Rx lens is specifically filtered to 904 or 905 NM. The sun puts out light at values below , across and above that NM frequency.

    IME: Stalkers (and rarely the LTI) give "jam" codes from headlights, but mostly the sun.

    So the depending factors to decide whether sun is helpful or hurtful to you will be so variable, depending on your precise situation at that moment ( as if you repeated the test the sun angle / time and conditions would be different ) It would be too hard to determine with scientific certainty IMHO.

    However, I'd say any extra light the Rx lens has to filter out could be an advantage to the motorist, making the gun "work" harder trying to see its own reflection.

    If you think about it in the whole picture, Veil and other (dark) colors work simply on cutting down the reflection of the reflected / refracted LIDAr light.

    -Suf Daddy



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