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    Default LPP alert tone and in-cabin warning LED?

    Hi everyone,

    I just "mocked" my LPP install - prior to a full install, I like to lay out the wiring and test the hardware, a "mock install," if you will.

    Had a quick question on the LPPs warning tone.

    I'm testing out the LPP using the Laser Tester sold on Roy's commercial site. It seems to trigger the LPPs heads into firing - from my standard digicam, I can see the diodes "activating and remaining lit."

    However, I'm getting something strange on the other end.....

    When I activate the Tester, the in-cabin the alert LED goes to "blank" - not green, not red, it just "blanks out."

    At the same time, I do not get an alert tone.

    Defective alerting?

    Or is the Tester somehow not able to fully trigger the LPP, thus causing artifactual problems?


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    This somewhat applies to your other post
    The tester uses LEDs, the laser guns use diodes. The LPP can probably tell that it isn't a laser gun, so it doesn't trigger fully. Although the tester's pulse rate is consistent with a laser gun, the rate might not be as exact or as stable as an actual laser gun, and the pulse duration would be much longer.

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    Thanks yet again, professor Jim!

    Looks like I'll have to call in a favor from a friend of mine to truly "get tested."

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