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    Default Truth about Laser jammers…

    Guys can you give some answer the question below;

    Q1: Which laser jammers have proven consistently JTG/JFG at a close range e.g. 50 – 150 meter?

    Q2: What is the economic life-span of a jammer before it became obsolete?


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    spend some time reading up in here including going over the old posts and you tube videos, its been answered over in here at least a dozen times this month alone.

    As for life span, its a cat and mouse game...eventually they will make better lidar guns, and then someone will make a better jammer....etc etc...

    When you have a jammer that can give you JTG performance what else do you need?

    Its not wise to actually jam the gun of a LEO though, you should reduce speed and shut jammer off.



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