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    Default What if LIDAR makers change the frequencies?

    I've been following the LIDAR detector articles here and elsewhere for a long time now, trying to convince myself to purchase a laser jammer. However, there is one BIG question I have that has not been addressed by Roy or SML or any of the other reviewers anywhere on the Internet. I'm hoping I can get an honest answer from one of the product manufacturers here, even if it might be negative to their product line. Perhaps I shouldn't hold my breath...

    Q: "Since Laser is regulated by the FDA, what happens when LIDAR frequencies are updated by the manufacturers from the current 904nm to some other frequency (perhaps 900nm or 910nm)??"

    Because this will utterly and completely, in one swell foop, eliminate every single Laser detector on the market as well as render ineffective every Laser jammer on the market. What a loss of an investment that would be, and this is what is keeping me from purchasing such a device.

    If this has been discussed elsewhere, PLEASE point me in the right direction so I can read all about it!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your time.

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    I've been told by Roy that the Blinder Xtreme units are upgradeable to include new wavelengths such as 910nm or 900nm. This is the only Jammer on the market currently that can be upgraded to cover this.

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    Default Blinder says...

    Leon, the president of Blinder USA has confirmed that their M-20 and M-40 could be upgraded if they came out with a new frequency
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    Default Bandwidth of Laser

    I wouldn't get too concerned about this:

    Gallium arsenide lasers emit in this general frequency and not purely at 904nm. To change the frequency dramatically would require a completely new lasing unit which would likely carry an initial production cost a bit in excess of current GaAr lasers and would likely require recertification by the FDA.

    Given the downward price pressures on laser guns, any significant changes would probably be a long ways off.

    In the meantime think of the savings (in avoiding laser tickets) one is reaping from the use of 1) a good radar detector, 2) Veil Laser Stealth Coating, and 3) A decent laser jammer.

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    Amen to the Blinder M20 and the Laser Veil
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