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    Default Buying Led Infrared 905nm ?

    Do someone know where to buy the same / similar kind of led that is used in police laser /or jammer ?

    Any product number or some spec that i could specify when i ask a distributor , they keep asking me : Voltage , Power , Wattage ,Peak Voltage , What use ?

    Is the led from a tv remote are the same wavelenght 905nm ?

    the only difference is only in the power ?

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    One older source listed this as a likely source for the diode in the laser gun:

    Manufacturers Data sheet 1994: PowerSpectra, 919 Hermosa Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, (408) 737-7977, Fax (404) 732-1832: 25 Watt peak power, 904 nanometer, 5 nanosecond pulse, up to 10 KHz rep. rate laser diode. Fully integrated driver. part number POS 904-01 Pricing $645 (qty 1-4), $549 (qty 5-9), $339 (qty 100)

    I believe one popular jammer manufacturer has used laser diodes from PerkinElmer:

    There are some websites that have similar components listed:

    In many cases prices are not listed and you have to email for a quote...

    As for LEDs, you likely won't find them at 904/905nm.
    However, LEDs at other wavelengths such as 940nm usually have a broad bandwidth and DO emit -some- power at 905nm, usually much less than the peak power at 940nm. Most TV remotes use 940nm or 880nm LEDs but emit enough at 904/905nm to set off the detectors.

    There are a plenty of differences between the LEDs and the laser diodes, a few of the major ones being: power, rise/fall times, beam width...




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