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    Default Does anyone know what Target laser track is ?

    I recieved a letter from Eric and mentioned he was getting a the LE 30 Lidatek up and in production again and that the Target Laser Track would be a good option for me.

    Only problem is that i have no idea what this is ?

    email message insert ( partial insert) from Eric ( I left pricing off)
    "I am working closely with these people and will also take care of the day to day business for Intrax Mobile Systems from out Europe where our Lidatek/Target head office is located.

    I have to work on some areas on the website, but you will get the picture. What I said in my previous email, I expect it will take some time before we have the production of the LE-30 up and running.

    The Target LaserTrack will be a very good option for you. In Europe it's a big success and the best product available on the market.

    The big difference between the LE-30 and the LaserTrack is that the LaserTrack is a stand alone product, that means if you want to add another transponder to it, you need to install another LaserTrack system. See it positive, you can make more margin. Also the front size of the Lasertrack is about 10 % bigger but stays small and easy to install.

    The LaserTrack will be available at the end of March and will be shipped in the first week of april."

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    The Target Lasertrack LT400 is the vehicle transponder part of a laser remote control system (for that read "laser diode jammer." :wink: )

    It has an automatic shut-down after 8 seconds and can't be programmed for unlimited jam time. It's a big selling jammer in Europe.

    It's sold as a laser Remote Control System and you can buy other components to activate garage door opening systems, security gates, security lights, etc.

    You can buy the full set up, called the LT450, which comes with the home system and the LT400 jammer. Or you can buy other components seperately if you decided later you needed them for an excuse.

    You can even get a Cheetah Wireless Fitting kit for it.


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    for the price of an LT400 or even still and LT450 youd' be better off with an LPP jammer or AL

    having said that GOL are testing the LT400 and you can make your mind up after that .....but my 2 cents is if jammers are illegal in your area and you dont want the hassle of hooking up the lt450 to your garage door / driveway lights then id go with LPP.

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    We have tested the LPP versus the LT400 with the LTI

    but the LPP works better than the LT400

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    Which has to do with pulserate, probably. On Dutch LTI's LT400 works well.

    More info on www. target-automotive. nl (spaces for forumrules automatic stuff). Site is in English also



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