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    Default top laser jammer brands?

    I am new to this technology so please hear me out!

    I have decided recently that I am going to purchase a laser jammer along side my 1st RD... now 2nd RD.

    For the money (under $1000 installed), Radar Roy suggests a Blinder M20-X coupled with the Bel RX 65.

    As jammers go i've heard too many bad things about the Shifter to get one and good things about the Blinder which im leaning towards... Any other suggestions? What is an LPP i keep hearing about?

    So coupled with a Jammer, what radar detector should i go with? I don't want a bunch of unnecessary noise (there are enough banks and grocery stores around the suburbs of dallas that the V1 i had sang like a canary from the second it was on till i could take it no longer and sent it back to Valentine). Did i mention i am brand new to radar detection?

    As Radar Detectors go, I personally cannot decide between the:

    Escort Passport X50 (Blue)
    Escort 9500i
    Beltronics STiDriver (i really like the looks of this one)
    Bel RX65
    Bel 975r (this one too for the stealth assimilation... don't think it'll really matter in my car)

    I want the best for the buck (again, under $1000 installed)... I'm not afraid of technology and am fully (at least i hope so) capable of learning a complicated system if need be, however user friendliness so as not to die in a car wreck or slit my wrists from frustration would be a plus.

    Thanks to all of you whom have helped me out with my previous posts and of course this one... Which will hopefully be my last till my "decision" post.

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    I'm assuming you have a RX-8(the one in your sig.)

    Maybe the people from around the Dallas area can help you out there.

    As for jammer, there have been a couple other RX-8s on here asking for advice. You can search those posts up. Also, look at the GOL laser test results, and see what jammer is better for the type of laser guns used in your area.

    Also, if you don't mind waiting, you may want to hold out a little bit to see how the retail version of the Laser Interceptor performs. The prototype seemed promising, but it's all about the retail.



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