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    Default LPP install questions

    I installed my laser park pro (LPP) this morning and so far so good. However, I don't know what the blue wire bundled with the loop connection does. I thought it was a ground wire so I grounded it but I don't think that's the purpose. Can anyone shed any light?

    Furthermore, where can i get a housing (case) to hold the led, mute button, and switch that come with the LPP? Right now they are merely wires in the car and I don't plan on cutting or drilling holes in my car.

    3rd Question, as i couldn't find it in the search, how do i know the LPP is working other than the green light blinking. Does the Laser Tester work?

    Thanks In Advance!

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    Try a Project Enclosure box available in different sizes from Radio Shack, among others. You can drill out the holes and then mount in the ash tray, cubby holes, console, dash etc. TSi+WRX just did a very nice install using the black project enclosure. I used the brushed aluminum cover from the enclosure to mount the controls, then bent the cover plate to force fit into my ash tray and made for a very clean install that is permanent, yet easily removed and with no damage to the car.

    I believe the blue wire is the auto mute input to an appropriately equipped car stereo.

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    Blue wire is for auto mute if your cars audio system supports it.
    Meaning if your listening to loud music and your LPP goes off it will mute your music coming from your cars audio system.

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    The Laser tester won't work to test it. There really isn't a way to test it unless you get hit. Just make sure it it level, and that it alerts if you put your hand in front of the head (parking alert.)

    Yes, the project enclosures work nicely.

    And the blue wire if to mute your stereo.

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    To test it the manual says hold white paper infront of it, that will trigger the parking sensor and make the led go red. Don't know if this is an effective test of 'jamming' though.

    The laser tester stopped the green led flashing when I tried it so it was doing something. Some people have had success with remote controls but the ones I have tried haven't triggered it.



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