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    Default Just installed Blinder...but, is what I did ok?

    Hello all---I'm new and had a quick question. Today I installed the Blinder M20 to my car and everything went really well. I routed the wiring opposite of the side where all the other electric wires were and went through an unused grommet near the glove compartment.

    However, what I'm concerned is where the material is near the front. I used heat resistant wire covers from beginning to end of the traverse from head to grommett. But, the wire covers are very close, almost touching, the bottom of the radiator side. Should I be worried?

    Also what is the best way everyone has found to line up your heads to offset the curve of the front of the car? I eyeballed it but it wasn't very scientific.

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    Also, I didn't wire up anything electronically (ran out of daylight). Had some questions though---I understand how to connect most of the stuff, but have a couple of questions if anyone can help (I've searched around here and some forums for my car on the web but can't find the answer I need):

    Do I have to connect the blue wire to an automute on my radio? I don't think my radio has one.

    Also, where is a good 12V switched power source that I can just plug the red into? The fuse box? I saw some folks on another board suggesting I strip the line an fuse it into the ignition but I don't want to compromise the easy plug and go option that is readily available.

    I am teh suck at wiring stuff. Any help so I don't blow anything is very appreciated.

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    Well I know one of those things - Don't worry about the automute wire, my radio didn't have one and it's not a problem

    Good luck with the rest of the stuff-



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