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    Default 3m to hold jammer bracket and not jammer head?

    Anyone use that 3m tape to actually mount the bracket and not the jammer head?

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    Default Re: 3m to hold jammer bracket and not jammer head?

    Quote Originally Posted by mrcllusb
    Anyone use that 3m tape to actually mount the bracket and not the jammer head?
    Thats what i use for my blinder mounts to me car...and the lidatek head to it's mount

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    I tend to like to lock things down with true fasteners.

    But yes, during my initial trial of my LPPs and ZR3s current mounting locations, I used, exclusively, the 3M Automotive Trim/Mo(u)lding Tape.

    Just be sure that you thoroughly clean the contact areas. Pre-clean with two or even three rinses of water and dry between each using lint-free cloth. Next treat the area with a wipe-down (again using lint-free cloth) of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and let air-dry (use a hair-dryer on cool setting to accelerate this).

    You can either now apply the tape or, if the temperature is low (below 65 deg. F.), use the hair dryer, CAREFULLY, to heat-up the surface to which you plan to bond the tape to. This is an important step, as temperatures too far outside the optimal range will cause the tape to lose much of its adhesive properties.

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    Dunno which 3M tape you are refering to - it's not like 3M makes just a handful of tapes :roll:

    I use the 3m Dual Lock fastener (RF9731). It sticks to clean bumper surface very well, can be removed with no residue, both pieces lock very well (can easily hold the head in place on most road driving). Mud-ripping, off-roading may be another story, but it works for my pavement pounder SUV.

    It can be peeled off, rinsed, dried, and reattached a few times. $2.49 for a pack of 4 (1"x3") strips, plenty for a dual head set up.



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