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    Default Laser Jammer Non Legal border state question

    I live in North Texas area, 30 miles from Oklahoma where I understand Laser jammers are illegal. I am looking at getting a laser jammer since they are legal in Texas, but I am in Oklahoma serveral times a year. Since removing the jammer before going to OK is not an easy task, I would have to keep it on the car. Since I am a TX resident with TX plates but in Oklahoma is it still illegal for me to have while in the other state.

    I hope this isn't too confusing of a questions.


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    If you are that worried just turn the power off to your jammer I doubt that the officer won't care unless you jam him and the only true way for him to know would be using the newest version of the Laser Atlanta.

    Stalker does have a jam code but it falses constantly, and the LTI jam code only alerts with certain jammers

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