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    Default Laser shots not aimed at license or head light area

    Is it still possible to get a reading? How accurate will the reading be and is it more difficult to attain?

    I saw a video in the countermeasures video section with cops using their marksman LTI and it appeared they were shooting the hood.

    Its the one called "how laser works" I'm sure many have already seen it.

    I'm guessing even with a jammer you would still be SOL?

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    It's still possible to get a reading off of a less reflective area.

    It can take longer to attain, and require you to hold the gun extra steady.
    You might also get some errors and have to use multiple attempts to get a reading.

    A jammer should have an easier time defeating a laser aimed at a less reflective spot, since there's less valid pulses getting back to the gun, but it could still be possible to get a speed reading.



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