Thought this was relevant news for those of you in Northern California. I've been wondering how heavily used laser speed detection is in this area. Apparently I need to invest in infrared emitters and a quality laser/radar detector. It seems some defense against this revenue-collection warfare is justified.


CHP Turning To Lasers Not Radar To Snare Speeders

POSTED: 7:44 am PDT April 7, 2005

VALLEJO -- The Solano area California Highway Patrol announced Thursday that effective April 8 LIDAR will be used for speed enforcement on all freeways, highways, and county roads that are currently surveyed for the use of traffic radar.

According to the CHP, LIDAR differs from radar because it uses a laser rather than specific frequency radio waves.

The new LIDAR system is intended to reduce the number of speed-related crashes.

The deployment of the system will have no set schedule, the CHP reports.