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    Default looking for a laser jammer


    I've been reading the forum and feel completely lost in this subject. I have encountered laser traps here in Barrie Ontario.t

    I don't have that much money but I am willing to save. What jammer works good against all types of laser guns? Some people here go on to say that the m20/m40 sucks because the LEO's can still read your speed. If that is true does that mean that they got your speed reading and thus can issue a ticket? Has anyone got a ticket for speeding under the m20/m40?

    Or how about other laser jammer devices? What other jammers are out there?

    I am riding with A silver Toyota Matrix XR and I have laser shield on the front and back. I did have vail but in the end took it off and yes it did ruin my lights so I don't want to go back to that stuff if I can help it.

    If someone could answer my questions or provide me with a "n00b" guide to laser jammers, it would be most appreciated.

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