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    Default Parking Sensor Mode ONLY!!!!

    I think the LPP should have parking mode only, it would be good for when pulled over and the LEO shoots the head, nothing happens....but when he walks in front of it the thing beeps!! this would make it even more stealth.

    So what ya reckon, should they add this feature??

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    YES! Don't know why they haven't.

    The only reason I can see it not being added would be this: They market the LPP as a parking sensor, that may or may not accept interference, and if it does, it shuts down. If they were to put a "parking sensor only" mode option, it might be asked, by courts or whomever (the ones who would believe it's a parking assist), why not just have this marketed parking sensor to where it will not receive and cause interference at all (don't know if that made sense.) Remember, to the company, we are not supposed be using it as a jammer, as it is intended to be an expensive parking sensor.

    Bleh, don't know if the above made any sense at all.

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    good to see group participation on this thats somthing not seen on here much anymore. :roll:



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