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    Default How to remove glue from plastic sensor of LPP ?

    The glass on my LPP removed when I washed the car yesterday and I glue it. The problem is that glue went all over the plastic glass. How can I remove it and clean it ?

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    what type of glue ?

    if the glue is at the edge = it wont disturb , unless esthetically.

    most glue will be removed with acetone or paint thinner , but always do a test so not to melt the lens ....try fingernail is a safe way also.

    if the lens is the same as al8 , it is quite resistant to chemicals.

    did you ask in lpp forum ?

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    this is why glue around the edge will not interfere.

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    It is better to order a new set of covers from KMPH and stick it with black silicone.8)



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