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    Default Minimum operating temp for jammers


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    ^ I honestly don't know - hopefully, someone here, with more experience or even direct product knowledge, will be able to chime in.

    I can only report that at ambient temperatures of about 0 to -10 deg.F., neither my ZR3 nor my LPP has had problems. I cannot, however, verify that their jamming capability was not impared - only that they went through their self-test functions just fine, and retained all auxiliary function (i.e. laser reception and parking assist function, respectively), provided that care was taken to have any road-treatments and/or icing/snow was removed from the lens, of course (this practice is of utmost importance to those of us who drive under such conditions).

    Brother serg, I believe, has had some low-temperature testing experience with the LPP. From looking at our past conversations via this Forum, it seems that at temperatures as high as 20 deg.F., the LPP started suffering what could only be described as a "cold start" syndrome, whereby PTs were higher and rather inconsistent (300 to 800 :shock: ft., against the Laser Atlanta, normal mode) - but that after the unit itself had a chance to warm up (appx. 20 minutes after start-up of the unit), even under the cold conditions, that it *drastically* reduced PTs (to well under 200 ft.), and also held more consistent PTs.

    liquid force, another LPP user, lives in a rather cold area as well, and I don't believe that he's yet reported any significant performance decreases in the winter months.

    I apologize for not being of much help! ops:

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    The operational temperatures depend on the capabilities of the components that compromise the unit. There are several temperature grades for semiconductors: commercial, industrial, extended, etc.

    I would imagine a product like this is using industrial grade components for the head jammer. This is a fair compromise between commercial grade and cost. The standard industrial grade operating temperature floor for semiconductors is -40F. It may still function below this value but the component manufactures only guarantee down to -40F. AFAIK there are very few components rated below that level for any grade and those that do cost $$.



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