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    Default Getting paranoid if LPP is working

    I think I got the newest version LPP. My prior recent post was about no alerts from my LPP when approaching an Infinity SUV even though my V1 alerts falsely. Can the LPP be switched off in terms of its jamming function or is it always on along with the distance sensor? I don't have access to a lidar gun so if the unit alerts when I get too close to the car in front, does that mean that the jamming function is active as well?

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    I believe that the jamming funtion is always "active" (i.e. it's "ready-to-go").

    Unfortunatley, the LPP cannot be elicited in the same "test" manner as most LED-based jammers. Or rather, I should qualify that in saying that it's much harder to elicit a response from it (both in terms of visual - here, both in-vehicle bi-color LED response as well as in terms of the jamming head, viewed with the assistance of a digital camera or night-vision device, as well as audible) by using conventional household IR-LED remotes and/or the "Laser Tester."

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    The LPP is always "ready" to jam, it just doesn't going into jamming mode until it detects a lidar signal. Also, AFAIK, there is no way to only disable the jamming function on the LPP.

    About getting alerts from Infinity suv's, it varies. In my experience sometimes both, my V1 and LPP will alert, other times only one will alert. I wouldn't rely on Infinity falses because there are too many variables such as the Infinity approaching you on a slight incline, hence the V1 alerting and not the LPP...........etc.

    Lastly, if you place your hand infront of each head do you hear a continous "beep.....beep......beep"?

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    Thanks for the replies. I do get a beep when I put my hand in front of each sensor so they are functioning as sensors.

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    Sometimes you have to be facing the infinity for a bit to get the LPP to alert.
    the other day i passed one and after a bit my rear LPP's went off and gave a 3 beep "false". after a while it did it again. this happened for about a mile before i got off an exit. as they started to get parallel the LPP stayed silent again.
    i have trouble getting them to alert even with my laser tester, but if i use a camera, i can see them "firing" just not alerting.
    The V1 is very sensitive when it comes to laser detection, so i suspect the LPP's saw it as well, just didn't alert at first, and then you passed it before they decided to say anything.

    In this instant i wouldn't be too worried about it, but i hear ya about wanting to know if they work right.



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