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    Default Got my LPP debating on where to place the heads.

    Basically the coupe and the sedan look the same in the front. I was going to put them on the outside of the center(Picture with yellow markers) but they are saying to put them in the center(picture with red markers)?

    I live in arizona so I have no front plate and will never need a front plate.

    One thing the E90 sedan has slightly bigger headlights than the coupe. I will try and attach a good picture of what my front looks like. (not my actual car pictured my BMW is in the shop)

    ^picture of sedan front. Remember I dont have a front plate.

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    Hmm...I guess both would be good, though I'm going to go with the red. Even though you don't have a plate, there's a good chance they will still shoot center mass because of the nice shiny grill you have.



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