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    Default What's a GOOD jammer?

    Hey all, new to this site and I'm also pretty new to laser jammers. I run a V1 radar detector in my black ford ranger, I heard black is the best color for deflecting radar/lidar and white is the worst (true?). Anyways, I want something GOOD as I have the money, that can jam radar/lidar so when my detector goes off I can just slow down to the speed limit, and turn the jammer off. Dosen't not having a speed show up become suspcious? And do jammers work with instant-on? What all do I need to know about jammers?
    Thanks to all that reply.

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    You can find your answers there. Welcome to the board!

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    Search this forum and you'll find all the answers to your questions and some. Also take a look at my install and you'll see some serious protection for your $.

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    The laser interceptor. It's right between to the fairy dust and unicorns on aisle 5. Just kidding.. anyway those references above should be very useful to you.



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