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    Default AL G8 with a custom install radar detector?

    --a small car (Porsche Cayman S)
    --an Escort custom installed radar detector like the SR7
    --AL G8 Dual Head Laser Jammer

    According to Escort tech support, the SR7 will error/alert if it's laser detectors are not connected. But I don't want to use the Escort's laser detectors, I want to use AL G8 detector/jammers instead.

    So, how can someone use an AL G8 with an SR7?

    I don't want false errors, and don't think i have tremendous space on the front end for 2 sets of laser devices (SR7 laser detectors plus AL G8 jammers)

    Are there any other custom install detectors that will allow me to use just the AL G8 detector/jammers?



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    The SR7 radar and laser detector will work fine it will just show a error message at the start-up. Also you could just install the Sr7 laser sensors then turn off laser detection on the unit

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    My bet is that the AL will not interfere with the SR7 at all - i.e. if you're concerned about the "reflections" from the parking-distance output of the AL continuously falsing the SR7's laser alert, this truly shouldn't be an issue, if my setup (dual LPPs, each of which is flanked by a ZR3 head towards the outboard position) is any indication.

    My only concern, as of this time, would be the separate output from the two jammers eliciting a jam-code, but no-one yet has any solid data on this issue, as in so far as, in particular, the LA is concerned, even the AL/LPP will elicit a jam-code, thus effectively "canceling out" this concern.



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