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    Default dear Guys of Lidar

    i have been to your site and checked it out got a few questions

    have you tryed out the new m45 and m25 yet?
    i have heard some amazing things about the LPP how well does it work for a single head jammer, compared to the m25?

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    There was a single head test of the LPP against the Blinder M20. Unfortunately during the time the testing was done the Blinder M25/45 was in retail form/available so it could be tested.

    You can't expect a non-paid testing group to buy jammers and test them the moment they come out.

    Maybe when the LI is in retail form and delivered to the US there will be a testing event of the jammers at that point but to do that GOL need find some money(there has to be a money tree someplace in this world) to purchase these newer jammers

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