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    Default LPP question on a Scion xB

    I have a Scion xB and just got a speed ticket. I am looking for a laser jammer now to help prevent that to happen again. Right now I am looking at LPP (did some research and that seem the best out there now)

    My question is - Will a single head cover the front of my car?? or do I need a dual??
    here is a pic (not my car, but looks the same)

    I am planning to install it in the mid grille


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    Well im no expert but supposedly the LPP is a more expensive and older version of the AL G8. Also, the lights are far away from center on the xB so I would use two heads in the grill or that first black space underneath the grill. Also if you have a front license plate you have to consider that too.

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    I would put 2 LPP heads on this, I had a large sedan and pretty much JTG with a single head, your car has a large flat footprint so i would say 2 heads for sure...this will assure a jam!

    my mate mounted his heads of his LPP right at the bottom of a large SUV and it still JTG, great performance.

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    hum...thanks...i guess i'll need to start saving :cry:

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowmo923
    hum...thanks...i guess i'll need to start saving :cry:
    They pay off in the long run amigo.

    Save on future speeding tickets and insurance rate increases. My LPP saved my ass at least 4 times in the last 8 months.

    What guns do they use in your area? How far away are the laser traps setup?

    If they taget you typically 500-1000 feet away you may be able to get by with a less expensive jammer, if the distances are under 500 feet Id say go with a diode based jammer like LPP or AL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speederX50
    Well im no expert but supposedly the LPP is a more expensive and older version of the AL G8.
    It's not an "older version" of the AL G8, but rather, as a rumored (more or less a "solid" rumor, though) clone of the AL G8, the LPP tends to lag behind, by a few weeks, the AL in terms of firmware revisions.

    Other than that, the two are rather "parallel" products, each with their own rather distinct features.

    Currently, product-quality is probably equal among both. The AL had a recent concern with "the 6 month time-bomb" issue (i.e. longer-term failures; just search for the previous set of words, in quotes, snd you'll find the proper references), but AL reportedly addressed this issue already, so there should honestly be no more concerns in this respect.

    As for the expense, even including shipping from Croatia, the AL should still be less expensive than the LPP. However, the caveat to this is the rare, but still *possible* hit in terms of courier brokerage as well as Customs duties/taxes.

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    AL or LPP will work just fine. Go with two heads. I would mount just below the grill in the top section of the air dam.

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but your SUV shouldn't exactly be a LEO magnet. You did however just state that you just recieved a ticket so obviously you are not immune to enforcement.

    Are you fighting your ticket? If so, what state are you from and what type of gun was used at what distance? We may be able to help you beat it.

    If you don't want to share I will understand

    I'd rather you PM me with the details rather than put this information on the main forum if you are interested. LEO's do look at this board so be careful!

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    yea...I agreed with you the xB is not a LEO, but I just got hit so better be safe than sorry again. By searching in the forum, it looks like LEOs are using Laser (PL III) , so which jammer will do the job in that??

    As for my ticket, yea I m going to fight for it since I can't do traffic school anyways (got a stop sign tix few months ago). At least I'll some chance to with.

    I just sent in a request to obtain a speed zone survey and I m going to mail a letter to request discovery. Any thing else I should do in this stage??

    and I already started a thread in "How to beat ur ticket"



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