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    Default The 18-inch rule

    If I understand right the diameter of a LIDAR beam is 3 ft at 1000 ft. If the grill of the car makes it impossible to have the whole headlight within those 18 inches will it get punchthroughs at ~500 at below? Does it really need to cover the whole light to be effective or the majority or whats the deal with that.

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    The further away you are from the source means two things. The diameter of the beam will be larger and any jitters from the hand holding the gun will be more exagerated. These two factors combine to make putting the sensor approximately 18 inches from the reflective surfaces of your car reasonably safe. In short, you don't necessarily need to have the entire headlight "within" the 18" radius. But obviously the more you can cover the better.

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    18-inch rule applies more with LED-jammers.One Laser-diode jammer head is capable to protect small to mid-size car.
    It is very important where/how LJ heads are installed.
    First it must be determined what's the biggest "soft spot".Center mass or headlights?Once this is known,it's much easier to decide,where is the best mounting place.
    With well thought and proper LJ head position,it's posible to
    really reduce PTs (based on my experiences)

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    Listen to MetalFlame and look at my setup. I'm barely within the 18 inch rule.



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