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    I have a quick neebie question. I did find Laser Pro Park on Ebay. Are there any "fake" LPP's out there? Should I worry? Seller has good rating, but stil - what would be a good price for a single head unit (it stated that the unit was never installed - v8.3)



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    Honestly, I wouldn't buy a "new" jammer from ebay. Those things are even more expensive than radar detectors, and you wouldn't want to get stuck with an expensive dud.

    Don't think we can post specifics about pricing. Google "Laser Pro Park USA", and you should find your answer there.

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    It was my understanding that KMPH stictly forbid LPP's to be sold on eBay by their authorized reps.

    That would mean that this guy is not an authorized dealer and as such you dont know what you would be getting.

    People can claim to be authorized dealers but a quick Google search lists their worldwide reps and he isn't one.

    He has no feedback for selling LPP's either.

    That means either they are fakes or he is not an AD. I have never heard of LPP fakes yet but you never know....why risk it?

    Either way you are looking at problems especially if something goes wrong with the unit.

    Caveat emptor.



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