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    Default Laser Deceptor III on my GTi and it works...

    I am in the Special Operations Command in Ft. Lewis, WA. and I heard there are people saying the laser deceptor laser jammer does not work. I dont care what it was called only that it works. Before I bought the laser jammer, John did several demo's with another customer who had a white evo and after the demo's of the different types of police laser guns I was sold on the laser deceptort III (2 up front and 1 rear). We did several tests from long range (as far away as 3,000 feet), medium range testing and short testing (as close as 500 feet from the point of shooting). I learned alot from John about laser jammers and RD's since I owned a Cobra and he educated me about cobra's and so I bought a Bel RX65. He also told me about the laser pro park jammer but the laser deceptor was more in my price range and I was also upgrading to a higher quality RD. I also have been hit with police laser while I was doing about 90mph and didnt even realize it because my Rob Zombie was very loud and my RD and jammer was screaming at me. As I pasted the WSP, he was just staring at his laser gun but I had already slowed down anyways with the flow of traffic that day. The laser deceptor saved me and yes it works.

    Here are my slide show install (1-3) and these go in order of the custom install process which took me 7 hours to complete.

    Slide show #1

    Side show #2

    Slide show #3

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    .... and another fake user posting through a proxy server :roll:
    Hmmm I wonder who it really is :roll:

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    someone who is in bed with Laser Deceptor...

    and the same one who attempted to imitate the Laser Interceptor rep bashing his own product...

    wow, and the drama continues...



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