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    Default Do I keep my still working LE30 system or consider an LPP?

    Hey, guys-

    I've got a new white 335xi on order and am debating either moving my venerable and still fully functional Lidatek LE30 to it or getting a new LPP system instead. I considered the LI system, but it's not available and far from proven in the real world, both in performance and customer service.

    I've got 2 LE30 heads on my current BMW and have a 3rd ready to install if I can make room. On the plus side, it's well made, I know it works and it's already paid for. On the minus side, it only fires for 5 seconds.

    The LPP looks interesting, but I've seen a number of posts here noting occasional quality issues. It's also rather expensive.

    What is the group's thinking on this?

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    As far as performance is concerned the LE30's dont match up with LPP or AL at all

    However 3 heads would still probably give you decent protection depending on what guns you are up against and how far laser traps usually target in your area.

    If you are looking to save some cash then I would think that a zr3 added to the 3 head lidateks would do well together.

    The problem with compromising on your countermeasures is that it gives you a false sense of security. Again the LE30's will not perform anywhere close to what a LPP or AL would give you...and that is important as no one likes a speeding ticket and punchthroughs over 500 feet, and 500 feet is really far away still for a jammer to let you down.

    5 seconds of jamming is more than sufficient in my experience in fact sometimes it can be too long especially if you are throwing jam codes and jammers are illegal in your area.

    I know lidatek have some special heads that jam for 1 minute although i dont know much about them. Racerx would be the man to ask about that I know he has owned them before...maybe still has them.

    The lidateks are known to throw jam codes from what I have read on the ultralyte too (cant confirm this as I dont own them)

    If you put all 3 heads on ebay (not at once) you would have more than enough cash to buy your LPP, or pretty damn close to it. I saw single lidatek heads selling for 200 usd a few months ago!

    Add to it the fact you would be saving on a zr3 purchase and the dual head LPP setup would still be better than all those older jammers put together.

    You have some options.

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    yeah, that pretty much sums up the LE-30's.
    i have a 3 head setup, but it only has the 5 second timer.
    the modified 30 and 60 second ones have floated around between members, so i don't know who or where they may be.

    size wise, i like the compact style of the LE-30. on my motorcycle they did well, BUT, during testing they threw a jam code on my Marksman, which means they would probably throw a jam code on the Ultralytes, not good anywhere.
    now that i have removed them for "parking sensors" on the bike, i'll work on shooting them on my truck to see if they still show the jam code.
    since they were near the headlight on the bike, i don't know if that caused the issue or they plain throw jam codes.

    i think the biggest issue with them is the very narrow field of view on them.

    i have noticed that compared to pretty much everything else, they are extremely sensitive to proper placement.
    this can cause everything from not alerting, to instant PT.
    i wouldn't feel comfortable using them unless i had a way to test them on a vehicle after install.

    the other thing, is Lidatek is no longer in the U.S.
    there has been talk of them opening up shop again under new ownership/management, but so far it is talk.
    they still exist somewhere in Europe though.

    you could look at supplementing them as has been suggested, just make sure you have room for everything first.

    at the very least, figure out what guns are used in your area, and if you mount all 3, try and find a forum member possibly, or rent a lidar gun to test your setup, plus be sure to take into account how they shoot in your area. high off to the side would require a slightly different placement, etc..

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    I just tested my Lidatek LE-30/Bel RX75 setup and it JTG every time, which was very satisfying. One thing that cannot be debated is that the small size of the heads gives one lots more options when it comes to mounting, which was very important to me. Also don't ever forget that no jammer is perfect in all scenarios either.



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