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    Default Confused about which jammer to get

    Aright so after visiting this forum and finding out about all these different types of jammers and interceptors, I am completely lost on which one to get. I will be doing most of my driving in NJ and the car itll go on is a 2004 audi s4. And preferably in the price range of around $400. TIA

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    What kind of car do you have and what color is it?

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    Are front plates required?

    Is the car anything like this?

    I'd go for the read. Since your price range is only 400 dollars, I guess the only thing you can buy is an M25. Or, you could try going for an M20, and possibly getting a third head under the plate (if there is a plate.)

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    As you can see the front plates are on there but I am planning on removing them.
    Is there a big difference in effectiveness over the moderatly expensive jammers (m20) vs. the other ones? And what are the other options if I did decide to go with a more expensive jammer or interceptor. Sorry for the noob questions.

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    Since your in NJ and i'm from NJ,there is no way they're gonna let you slide without a front plate.You'll get pulled over immediately.Now you have diode jammers and led jammers.Diode jammers offer a more jamming power than led jammers.That's about the basic way i see it.Now in saying that,i'm perfectly happy with my led jammer which would be more along the blinder line.My wife and i only do normally 5 over so i have no need for a high priced jammer.Honestly i got my jammer to make sure that i atleast know that i'm being lasered,since you can't depend on your radar detector to tell you all the time..

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    Hmm thought i might be able to get away without a license plate in the front but guess not. I guess ill have to keep it on. And anyway with the front plate on, what difference does it make with which laser jammer to get?

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    The less refective you make your front end the easier it is for the jammer to work so you can get by with an LED

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    Honestly for $400 you might not be able to get a really good performance for that money.

    A Blinder M20 with a CR8APLA8, and Laser Shield might be enough protection but for that cost you are in the range os the LPP, AL and LI

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    hmm aright so i guess im looking at a diode laser jammer then. What are some of those models and how much and is it worth it to do front and rear? Im not looking to spend crazy money on it but i guess now more in the range of 500-600?? is that more reasonable.

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    1 thing i might stress, you donít have to get a set up that will JTG every time
    All you need is something that will buy you enough time to slow down.

    When your car is targeted chances are your whole car will be hit from 800+feet a Blinder m-25 should do fine on your car as well as the other laser single headed systems. I prefer them because i donít have to switch them off. I keep it in 4 second mode if i cant slow down under 4 seconds from doing 10 over i donít need to drive.
    Ask yourself a question when your detector goes off do you speed up?
    4 seconds is a long time in a speed trap!!

    Also if you cant see the cop in less than 500 feet you should not be driving!!!
    Your brain and eyes may just be the most important part of IR defense!!



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