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    I'm a new comer to the forum, but have found it very informative, especially all the testing people have done. One thing I've noticed is that most tests seem to start at a fairly long distance and constantly target the car until PT. In my home town the police seem to target w/ LIDAR at very short distances (<600 feet) and for very brief shots - sounds a lot like an IO hit from radar. Has anybody done any IO LIDAR tests at short range with various jammers to see how they react? Do any provide a crucial few seconds or are you pretty much toast?

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    Say a jammer consistently punches through at 600 feet when first targeted at 1000 or 2000 feet. The same jammer under the same conditions will punch through instantly if targeted at 500 feet.

    If a jammer can JTG in a long range test, then of course it will also JTG if first targeted at 500 feet.

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    I have tested the short shot scenario. It doesn't matter if you begin your shot at 500 FT. If it JTG's from 2000 FT it will JTG if you pull the trigger at 100 FT. At least that has been my experience.



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