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    Default Difference between speed reeding range and detection range

    I was wondering, if you have a laser detector/jammer, how far will it pick up police laser from? Will it the laser read your speed at a long enough range before the detector lets you know or will the detector generaly give you a few 100 yds of warning before they can get a reading on you? I will be using LP905.
    Will it jam at the same distance it can detect the laser from, or will it detect the laser from say 2000 yds but only be able to jam it from say 1500yds for instance?

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    A jammer will jam (or should I say, attempt to jam) a laser gun as soon as it detects a laser signal.

    If they target you at 2000 feet, the jammer should go off. There is no guarantee, though that it will jam a gun. It's all about location, location, location of the heads. You put them too far away from your light or plate, and you'll probably get immediate PT.

    The problems of jammers start to happen as you get closer to the gun. Say for example, at 500 feet, the laser beam from a gun will be around 1.5 feet, so it will be harder to detect than when it was 3 feet across at 1000 feet. The jammer might not even detect it if installed incorrectly, or if the gun is aimed just right. If the jammer doesn't detect it, it can't jam it. Again, this all depends on location.

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