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    Default Newbie looking for some guidance / suggestions

    Hi All,
    Well, I've spent the last several days trying to educate myself here and on other websites. I was hoping to get some guidance from you all on how to proceed with equipping my car with a laser jammer / countermeasure device. Here is the understanding I have so far, please correct me where I am wrong:

    • 1. Diode based units seem to be superior to LED based ones. Popular diode based units are the AL ( G8 ) and the LPP (not sure if there are others in this category that I'm missing - aside from the Laser Interceptor whose soap opera I'm now also fairly familiar with ;-) ).

      2. Stateside support seems to be a factor also: is it correct that LPP now does have some US based distributors whereas AL does not?

      3. In terms of these two units, I've heard that performance is RELATIVELY even between the two, although there is strong suspicion that LPP is a clone of the AL, and consistently a firmware version behind.

      4. I live in Seattle, WA - - not sure what common radar guns are in that area, but I would assume that either of these units would do well here?

    Do I have these facts correct?

    Details on my car: it's an Audi 2002 S4 as pictured below:

    (EDIT: I have a front plate now in the center of the bumper.)

    I think that falls into the fairly reflective category...would a two head unit be called for? Should I consider other manufacturers?

    Thanks in advance, all. I'm looking forward to getting educated further.


    PS - I have a V1 already (it was the first modification I made to the it! )

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    I know they user LA and PL3 in WA...

    I would suggest a LPP... Dual head for extra protection!



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