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    Default How much better is black against Lidar?


    I posted this in the motorcycle area but realized it belongs more in this area.

    I'm thinking about buying a new BMW motorcycle (K 1200 GT) and have 3 color choices (black, dark blue and light silver).

    I keep reading on this forum about Black being best against lidar guns (but seem to also remember reading that it doesn't make much difference).

    So before I buy one, I thought I'd ask to be sure I do the best possible thing.

    Is black significantly better against lidar? Is it also better against radar? (I imagine color doesn't matter against radar).

    My options are black (well, dark gray metalic that looks black). Dark blue and a almost white looking silver metallic.

    Is it 6 of 1, half dozen of the other in terms of color choice and I should just go with what I like most, or does black give an advantage?

    If black has an advantage, is it much of one?

    Can't they hit the windshield of the motorcycle etc?


    PS I intend on having a Laser Jammer on it, detector etc. I have a Blinder on my Bandit, but have heard they don't do a great job, and don't know to put on that would be better?

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    Against laser the darker the color the better. But with just a Blinder M20, 1 head front and 1 in back you will have great performance no matter the color.

    But when looking at a motorcycle a lighter color would be better for your general riding safety making you more visible

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    But when looking at a motorcycle a lighter color would be better for your general riding safety making you more visible
    True , being seen is a lifesaver.

    For the color , with my al-8 I notice that some cars give a stronger reflection ( in the parking mode/ back of the cars) even black car with stronger reflect than white ... I presume this is due to some extend to the paint finish : metallised versus matt finish .

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    we need more swamp gas

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    When I had Volvo's laser atlanta I would go out and sample traffic for about a half our at a time getting a feel for how an officer would work in a real scenario.

    there is a night and day difference between black & white when it comes to acquiring a target. also DRL's are your worst enemy.

    with a black car they where hard to find in the hud amongst the other cars. once you found them it took it a few more seconds. with white you could see them no problem and it would lock onto them almost instant.

    with a black bike it would be ridiculously hard.

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    also DRL's are your worst enemy.
    Would you explain more this topic.

    Is it because it is hard for the shooter's eyes 8) or

    the laser has problem to obtain a reading ?

    Thanks .

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    My guess is that it makes you easier to see, or it makes you "stand" out in traffic. Might also provide a nice aiming target.

    Just a guess though.

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    My car is black and it is the most stealthiest SOB around
    RIP Duncan my BELOVED black lab son 8/7/99-3/23/11. I will miss you DEARLY.


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    My black Kawasaki ZX10r is invisible to my local pd's Stalker lidar gun out to 255 feet coming toward the gun. Going away from the gun, my friend could pick me up over 500 might have been further. Im sure if I had 1 LI head up front,i could probably JTG. When I said that to my LEO friend, he kinda squinted at me and gave me a dirty look. hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eloi
    Quote Originally Posted by thestaton
    also DRL's are your worst enemy.
    Would you explain more this topic.

    Is it because it is hard for the shooter's eyes 8) or

    the laser has problem to obtain a reading ?
    From the context of thestaton's post, it would seem that ELVATO's reading is what was meant - that DRLs essentially makes your vehicle "stand out" a bit more during the daytime hours, thus makes for easier determination of "you are the target" by the enforcer, behind the lens of the LIDAR device.

    One strange thing that was documented by cyberblob ( I believe, and please pardon my mistake if I got that one wrong ops: ) was a unique episode where with the DRL engaged, there was a very short-range PT through his dual LPP setup, in a test where under all other scenarios, there was complete JTG protection. So far, no-one was able to truly explain why this took place.


    The last scenario certainly should bear some examination as to why it took place, but overall, I would certainly agree that anything which attracts more attention to your vehicle - making it visually "stand out" from among the surrounding traffic, such as having DRL (or, alternatively, *not* having DRL, where the majority of surrounding traffic *has* this device in-use), will be a tactical disadvantage.

    Whether or not this difference affects/impacts jamming performance is totally secondary - it's that all-important tactical disadvantage that simply cannot be compensated for.



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