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    Default (Fixed) Pics LI Install on a BMW K1200GT


    I got my motorcycle back after getting all the electronics put on.

    Here are some pics.

    My concern is that to get the front on and looking good, it had to be installed a bit back into the opening. Do you think it will still do what is needed like this?

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    Get an account at photobucket. Upload, then copy the code it gives for forums/boards here

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    Yes, lets see the photos.

    How do you get alert information to your helmet? HARD or some other?

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    Thanks for the tip.

    Got the pictures up - see above post.

    I don't bother trying to get the info to my helmet. I run the V1. When it goes off (comes in through the Autocom) I slow down. If it were laser, I'd slow to appropriate speed if necessary then turn off the unit.

    My installer put in a custom waterproof switch - unfortunately this means I have no LED either. I wonder if I can put that in separately.

    Something I just noticed tonight. When I turn the unit on, I think it is saying, "connection to head #1 weak or bad" or something like that. I can't quite make it out. Has anyone else heard this?

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    Maybe the lens should be on the other side ?
    Leo's aren't often on the left site of the road...



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