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    Default Minivan/M06 Vs. MdSP PLIII

    Here's a funny one for you all. I got a M40 about 2 years ago to replace an old Blinder M-06 I'd had for a long time ~1999). The device still worked (surprisingly) and I decided it would be a shame to throw it away so I stuck it on my wife's 05 Nissan Quest minivan. I'd pretty much forgotten about it....until today. I'm flying (~80-85) E on US50 in Maryland between Bowie and Annapolis when I popped over a hill and spotted an MSP trooper about the time my V1 started singing. I slammed on the brakes and figured I was toast when I noticed the V1 was still singing and the trooper continued to track me....all the way until about 50ft where he gave me a mean look. I have to believe the old Blinder worked because there is no way he would have painted me for so long and no way he'd have let me off since I was waaay above PSL. So even though the old M06 is pretty antique and throws tons of codes, it still works. Just as an FYI, the minivan is dark blue with no front plate so other than the headlights, there isn't much to reflect off of which probably helps a ton.

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    Well jamming the Prolaser III isn't that hard :wink:

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    And no jam codes :wink:

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    In other words..................

    "The perfect scenario............."

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