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    Default Target LT400 Garage Door cum Laser Jammer

    Anyone used this before, its supposed to be a garage door opener, but its receiving some pretty good reveiws out there.

    Some of its features:
    The LT400 also however...

    Protects against all laser traps
    Audible & Visual Alerts
    8 Second Stealth mode before auto switching off
    No "Jammed" signal on Police Laser Gun
    Discrete, permanent installation
    500 watts switching
    Small laser diode - more powerful and reliable than LED based systems
    Convex optical lenses - excellent detection on pick up - even over 1500 meters
    Use on its own or in conjuction with other GPS units for complete protection
    Stand alone mode or compatible connection cable available for the following units...Road Angel Classic, Road Angel 2, OB2, Micro Road Pilot, Snooper S4
    Reason for use and legal - switch on lights, open garage doors or gates

    I like these points the best:

    8 Second Stealth mode before auto switching off
    No "Jammed" signal on Police Laser Gun

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    I would go with a jammer that doesn't have an auto reset after a certain amount of time.

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    A single head LPP ior AL is cheaper and Better.

    I recall a story a few months ago of a guy getting arrested and convicted of jamming a police Laser gun in the UK with this jammer because it threw error or jam codes to the gun.

    GOL tested it in 2006

    I wouldnt go with it. Not when there are so many better options out there.



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