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    Default Is it worth buying a jammer where illegal?

    What are your opinions? Colorado is one of the few states where it is illegal. My cop friend says that they impounded a car with a radar jammer, but do you think cops will be smart enough to know they are being jammed by laser? I know they see an error code, but my guess is that they would attribute it to user/mechanical error and not be being jammed. Especially if you turn it off in time for the piggie to get a reading.

    How many cops know what all of the error codes mean anyway? I would think less than 1 percent of people own jammers, and cops probably rarely even get jammed considering how many people they target on a daily basis. I have the cash for whatever jammer I want, I am just too scared to put it on my car...

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    My girlfriend's sister and dad were cops for a long time and neither of them had no idea whether or not they've ever been jammed by a laser jammer. They did say they had hard time getting readings every so often... I don't think most cops really know about them or their effectiveness.

    Although, they were both normal cops, I think state troopers are the ones who would know more about them. The dad and sister hated running radar or laser, so they're interest in busting someone with any type of jammer was really low. State troopers or highway cops on the other hand... may be a different story.

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    You have to weigh the penalty of a speeding ticket against the penalty for using a laser jammer. In some cases, a laser jammer is an equipment violation that won't result in points and insurance increases, where a speeding ticket will.

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    You said they impounded a car for a radar jammer did you mean to say laser jammer??



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