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    Default LIDAR guns, where to buy

    I am wondering if you guys can give me a rundown of the makes and models of the commonly available LIDAR guns and the costs to buy one(ie the most affordable way to go). Any suggestions on where to buy one? I just saw a Kustom Pro Laser on ebay for $700. Is that a good price?

    I am just throwing around some ideas at this point to acquire one to conduct some far more rigorous and scientific testing on vehicle profiles, colors, dimensions, speeds to develop a far more comprehensive baseline than we currently have. I am open to suggestions on cost effective ways to do this. It just seems that we get inconsistent results as variables change. It would be nice to get a handle on some of variables and the impacts of environment and vehicle profiles. Thoughts?

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    state auctions,

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    -I believe he still carries the Laser Atlanta guns with stealth mode and sells them brand new...he also had a prolaser 1 he was trying to sell on ebay couple weeks ago

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