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    Default What has been your experince with repairs/upgrades from LA?

    I'd like to hear from others in the group who have either had to return their LA PL2s etc to LA for repair or if you have had the firmware upgraded from a non speed detection models like the Prosurvey 1000 to PL2 Firmware.

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    They are very secretive. They wil not get into discussions with you over the phone or by email

    They will make you get an RMA number and ship them the gun before they will give you an estimate or even a ball park figure of what repair costs or reprogramming costs will be.

    They will take a little while to respond to your questions if they do respond at all.

    Overall I am not too happy with the customer service from LA, but its definitely not the worst I have run into either.

    Be persistent.

    If you want some direct email addresses to tech support and LA reps PM me. You will get a faster reply this way.



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