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    Default 3third Sensor : Dual Control

    I have a dual AL-8 system installed , for some reason I have a third one I received as bonus , not being obliged to return it .

    I asked Vito if I can use a phone doubler(2 sensors on one jack) on my dual control box , he does not advice to do it ... without explaining what would happen ...

    By now I keep the sensor as back-up , its parking function is debilitated but not the jamming capability .

    I discard the possibility to order a 4 sensors control box for $$ reason.

    Someone would know if the AL sensor can work as a blinder sensor will work without being connected to the control box , just give it 12 volts on black/red wires , it will give no led/sound but will respond to laser (Osprey).

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    I don't think the heads can work without being connected the control box.



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