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    Default Break these down for me

    Ok..... So, Laser is becoming a greater threat in NC now
    and I am starting to look at Jammers. The trick here is
    I keep hearing about certain ones and some I don't even
    think exisit yet? Could someone break it down where I
    know what I can and can not purchase. I've heard about
    the AL, LI, and LPP. I don't know the difference or where
    to buy them. Please explain so I know what my options


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    Another thing I'd like to know is the effective area of the jammer heads. Do they all have an 18" radius? Any input would be helpful

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    ^ Negative. The laser-diode based jammers can cover much more area - search up username IRCMUSA, and look for his videos that document the receptive "range" (i.e. diameter/radius) of the LPP heads.

    It is currently said, by convention, that a single-head AL/LPP will provide near or even true "JTG" capability for most small to medium-sized vehicles (translation: sub-compacts to compacts and small-sized vehicles). For larger vehicles (medium-sized family sedans and up) or even smaller vehicles with more difficult "hardpoints" (i.e. lighting elements, trim, etc. - including, for example, smaller sports-cars, such as the Corvette or 911, which have widely spaced hardpoints), a dual-head setup is recommended to effect "JTG-capable" protection and complete punch-through coverage. For large vehicles, such as various SUVs - particularly those with awkward or excessive hardpoints (i.e. huge, upright, chrome grill) - a three-head unit may even be necessary.

    For true rear-enforcement "JFG" protection, even most smaller vehicles will require two AL/LPP heads in order to obtain sufficiently reliable and reasonable protection in this respect.


    Orbital75 - Your confusion is understandable. No doubt, even as I'm writing this post, you're doing your own research, but hopefully, I can provide some guidance for you, nonetheless.

    Currently, the AL and LPP are virtually the same thing. Each do contain some unique features that may make one or the other more appealing to you (with the AL, you can fully defeat the parking sensor warning [although the emission is still there], as well as enable a "full power" [i.e. brute-force] jam mode, also, it is available with a quad-head enabled control box, and will likely "lead," temporally if only temporarily, in term of new technological developments [due to the "clone" issue] - pricing is also, even with overseas shipping and the monetary-exchange factored-in, still more affordable than the LPP; with the LPP, it is specifically marketed as a "parking assist device," as well as contains printed documentation as such, and may thus provide you more legal leeway under examination, it is also available, for us stateside, from both a US-based distributor as well as a more established Canadian distributor, thus obliterating any Customs or shipping worries), but performance-wise and with respect to issues of durability and reliability, they're pretty much equivalents.

    Search either "AL" or "AntiLaser," or "LPP," and you'll get plenty of hits here, and should be able to even better fill-in what I've documented above.

    The LI is the newest player to this game, but it stems from the mind behind the AL/LPP.

    Currently, the vast majority of end-user reports, from those who own/use both the AL or LPP -and- the LI, it seems that the LI has the edge in terms of pure jamming performance/power. Qualitative "verbal" documentation has been nearly completely in-favor of the LI, but in at least two cases, it's seen, quantitatively via video documentation, that perhaps the LI's reception capabilities may trail that of the LPP - but this, at the current time, remains an unknown, as the videos were made under different circumstances (and in some cases, with either non-optimized, or even malfunctioning, equipment) - more testing, specifically with this aim in-mind, will need to be done.

    Durability/reliability is now the only true concern with the LI. Both the AL and LPP have proven themselves through the test of time. While the previous generations of the LI have done quite well in this respect (word from fellow European enthusiasts), it unfortunately cannot be said that this question is not a consideration, since no hard data exists.

    In terms of customer-service, both LI's principal parties in Croatia as well as their stateside representative, Elvis, have gotten top marks from fellow hobbyists here.

    Pricing is very, very competitive, and it is currently the low-price lead when these three top-flight diode-based jammers are compared.


    As for purchasing (including true street-price), it is expressly against the rules of this Forum, as set by RadarRoy, to discuss such issues by either public posts or by Private Messages (we're on an honor-basis when it comes to this latter concern). However, it's permitted to say that you can easily find out these necessary bits of info. with a quick Google search.

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    just watch these vids...

    yea that is amazing



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