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    Default LIDAR Manufacturers Current Models and Retail Price Lists

    For those of you, like myself, who play with these, I found this list of prices for current LIDAR Units from the major LIDAR Manufacturers interesting.

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    holy crap..
    i didn't expect the Z-15/25/35 to be that much!

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    Those prices are based on the commitment to purchase MANY units over a period of 5 years

    They gave them a much lower price than someone purchasing a single unit because of that commitment and the quantity they agreed to buy.

    Good to know we will be seeing the same old same old for years to come still and Ill get some good use out of my jammers

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    Notice the range in the prices..... I was surprised that The LA stuff was so cheap compared to the other stuff but maybe you get what you pay for or maybe you don't or perhaps, LA is losing market share and is trying to regain lost market share like Apple who was once a distraction in the PC market at 1-3% and now has mushroomed to 8-9%!



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